Does it ever drive you crazy?

I think of myself as a pretty easy going kind of gal. I’m usually pretty flexible about stuff, but lately there’s one thing that is driving me absolutely crazy lately!diet-dr-pepper-com

There’s a commercial about my favorite drink ever–diet Dr. Pepper–on TV right now. It shows a support group type set up with Santa, the Easter Bunny, Big Foot, and other imaginary figures complaining about how they can’t convince people that they exist. Then there’s a diet Dr. Pepper delivery man, who says he can’t convince people that a diet drink actually tastes as good at the original (better, in my humble opinion).

Then the Easter Bunny takes a drink and says there’s no way this is diet. Then all the characters laugh at the delivery man saying no one will ever believe him.

Now I think the commercial is actually pretty creative, entertaining, and it definitely does it’s job. That is, it doesn’t lose sight of the product it’s pushing in favor of a big production.

So what is it that’s driving me so crazy?

It’s the actor who voices the DDP delivery man. I know I recognize that voice, but I can’t place it! I cannot, for the life of me, figure out who that is.

My proposed solution? Credits for commercials. Just a brief flash of the key players in commercials. Is that too much to ask? It would really help me out, and maybe I wouldn’t be as crazy as I am now.

If you happen to recognize mr. delivery man’s voice, would you let me know?