4th of July … in numbers

4 – The number of days we’ve made it into July. It’s our day to celebrate America’s Independence and thank the many many men and women who have served to keep America free. THANK YOU!

5 – The number of kilometers I walked/ran in the Music City i Run for the Party/Not Alone 5k/10k

171 – the number on my very first runner’s bib. I’ve never run in a road race before! Yay!

6 – the number of encouraging signs being held by bystanders that made me laugh. They included: Kick Asphalt! No wonder your feet are hurting, you’re kicking A**! Keep running, people are watching.

1/2 – the number of oranges I ate after the race

3 – the number of little paper cups I threw on the ground–and felt very very guilty about even if everyone else was doing it too

50 – the number of minutes it took me finish … well that’s approximate because …

1 – The number of finish lines I was supposed to cross but missed because I was in the wrong lane. Oops! I’m so lame!

And now that my dear friend and workout buddy, Katie, and I have finished the race, it’s time to celebrate! There will be cheesecake and dancing in the streets. Well, at least cheesecake. 🙂

Happy 4th y’all!

2 thoughts on “4th of July … in numbers

  1. daddio pooh-paw

    PROUD OF YOU!!! The best mom and I could manage was cleaning out part of the den. She actually asked me if I am a hoarder. No comment.

  2. stef

    way to go liz!


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