When in Rome …

Seriously, I saw this trailer the other night and it made me laugh for 20 minutes straight. (Just ask Amy, who finally texted me from her room in the basement, where apparently she could hear me laughing–sorry, Amy!) I’m not quite sure what tickled my funny bone so hard, but I’ll be at the theater in January when When in Rome releases. Maybe I’ll see you there …

P.S. Just get past this crazy picture and the set up. The trailer is the really awesome part.

3 thoughts on “When in Rome …

  1. daddio pooh paw

    LOL out loud! I didn’t go on for 20 min. but I did see you getting loca with it.

  2. Evie

    Thanks for the heads up!! Sounds like a great movie! I can see why you laughed so hard!

  3. Kelly

    I LOVE picturing you laughing for 20 min and then getting that text! So fun 🙂


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