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  • Guy on a Buffalo

    One day …

    Ever notice how great stories always start with “One day …”? Well, that’s how the story of the Guy on a Buffalo starts.

    If you’re not one of the 2.5 million viewers of this YouTube sensation, I’m so, so happy to share with you the delightful tail of a guy. Who rides a buffalo.

    This little treat made the rounds in my office before Christmas, and even now, we greet each other with “Guy on a Buffalo!” Enjoy!

    Episode 1:

    Episode 2:

    I’ll post episodes 3 & 4 soon.

    Where have I been?

    Oh, my word! I lost an entire month. It’s like January just disappeared! Poof! Gone.

    Okay, I have a totally valid excuse. Actually three of them.
    1) I got back from a Christmas-time jaunt to Arizona on the 2nd of January and promptly tried to die of a cold. Seriously I missed 2 and a half days of work, ran a rabid fever for at least 12 hours, and felt like my head was going to fall off.

    2) My day job kicked into high gear, which means a few more later nights and zero energy on the weekends to do anything but …

    3) WRITING! Turns out I’m on deadline again, trying to finish my fourth Love Inspired Suspense by the middle of March for release later this year. Eep! More details to come on the new book, which I hope you all will love. I’m about half way done with it, and I think Navy SEAL Matt might be my favorite of all my heroes so far. (Shhhhh … don’t tell the others.)

    But enough with my excuses. I have so many WONDERFUL things to share with you this month. There are tv shows (ahem, Downton Abbey, ahem), random online videos, and books–so many books! I’ll give you all the details on those throughout the month, but I thought I’d kickstart my return to the wonderful world of blogging with an excellent video from C-SPAN–wait … what?

    Did she just say C-SPAN? 

    I think so. 

    Any chance she’s lost it completely? 

    Oh, yeah … but that was a really long time ago. 

    I’m serious, you guys. This is a clip (can you call 25 minutes a clip?) from the National Prayer Breakfast held last week in Washington D.C. The keynote speaker was Eric Metaxas, the New York Times bestselling author of Amazing Grace and Bonhoeffer. Once upon a time, he used to write for Veggie Tales, and pretty much, I want to be his BFF. He’s brilliant, and I really just want that to rub off on me.

    Anyway, here’s his keynote address, that will pretty much knock your socks off. (Good for watching over lunch hours and after work. Not-so-much for the mid-afternoon random online video break. Not that I know anyone who does that.)

    (The video is being cranky, so if it doesn’t appear here, click this link to watch it on the C-SPAN site.)

    Still think C-SPAN isn’t cool?