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  • Freefall by Jodie Bailey

    I’m so excited to introduce you today to a fellow Love Inspired Suspense author, Jodie Bailey. Jodie’s first book, Freefall, comes out tomorrow, and I think it looks like an edge-of-your-seat delight.

    Before we hear from Jodie, here’s a bit more about her book.

    With one accusation, army officer Cassidy Matthews’s name, reputation—and life—are on the line. A Special Forces soldier insists that Cassy’s Fort Bragg-based unit is smuggling drugs. And the accuser? It’s Cassy’s handsome, stubborn ex-husband, Major Shane Logan. Shane knows Cassy is innocent, which is why he’s sure she’s being set up to take the fall. Proving it, though, means working together…and trying to ignore the feelings they still share. The closer they get—to the truth and each other—the more the danger grows from a ruthless criminal who’ll stop at nothing to destroy them both.

    Available at amazon.com, Barnes and Noble, and more!

    And now, 5 quick questions with Jodie.

    1. How did you get started writing?

    I honestly don’t remember. I’ve written since I knew how to hold a pencil. I got serious about it when I was watching Beth Moore’s Daniel series and I thought, “Man! She has the world’s coolest job, writing about God.” And God Gibbs-slapped me in the back of the head and said, “Duh.” Not really, but it felt like it. And after a few false starts when I tried to write a Bible study, I finally figured out he meant to do what I’d been doing for fun all along… write fiction. How cool is He?!?

    2. Freefall is your first book. What was it like getting the call that your book had found a publisher?

    I was eating pork chops and the phone happened to be on the table beside me. When I saw my agent’s name popped up–after I’d just talked to her the week before–I just knew. And I couldn’t move to answer it. When I did, I walked halfway up the hall, literally dropped to my knees, and said repeatedly, “You’re kidding. You’re kidding.” I’m surprised she didn’t hang up on me. It was total shock, and my brain just got stuck thinking, “This can’t possibly be happening for real.” I knew she would never tease like that, but my mind couldn’t accept reality. It was funny.

    3. Give us a quick synopsis of your book.

    A soldier teams up with a retired commando, an undercover agent, and her ex-husband to uncover a drug smuggler, and while one man wins her love, another tries to destroy her.

    4. What made you want to write about military men and women?

    It was a case of “write what you know.” My agent casually mentioned military suspense to me one day, and I sort of brushed it off, but the more I thought about it, the more it intrigued me as a military spouse. It was kind of fun to dig into in some ways, and very hard in others, because I was aware of the responsibility to be as accurate as possible.

    5. And just for fun, if you had a day off with no responsibilities, what would you do?

    I’d love a good book, a comfy sweatshirt, and the chaise lounge on our porch… or on a deck at the beach. That sounds appealing most days. Then again, so does hopping on the Harley with my husband and cruising the back roads to the beach. Either of those would work.

    Any last words … 

    Thanks for inviting me! That was kind of fun, although now I wish I could go home and put on my sweatpants and read the afternoon away…