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  • The Cover of A Promise to Protect

    I’m beyond excited to share with y’all the cover of my December book release–A PROMISE TO PROTECT.

    A bit about the book:
    Ashley Sawyer has been the director of a battered women’s shelter for three years, so she’s no stranger to dealing with threats. But when she helps a young woman disappear, the threats become more intense than she’s ever experienced. Navy SEAL Matt Waterstone is happy to check on his best friend’s little sister, certain he can take care of the threat. But as Matt and Ashley search for the source of the threats, they uncover a plot more sinister than they ever imagined . . . and a love they never expected.

    If the cover–or awesome author *nudge, nudge*–has you interested in preordering it, here are links to some stores where you can do just that.


    So what do you think? Do you like the new cover? Share your thoughts in the comments.

    Are you watching the Olympics?

    I love the Olympics and confess to letting them distract me from writing and working in the evenings after work. For shame on me! But they’re just so fun! There are adorable gold-medal winning swimmers. (Hello, Nathan Adrian!) The fab five female gymnasts. Adorable British accents around every turn. And so much more! This is some fun, this London Olympics.

    Nathan Adrian and his gold medal.

    And it looks likes the viewers aren’t the only ones have fun. Check out this video of the US Swim Team doing “Call Me Maybe.”

    Lest you think it’s all fun and games on the road to the Olympics, here’s another video of aspiring athletes showing … well … why they didn’t quite make the team.

    Are you watching the games? What are your favorite sports to watch? Who are you rooting for?