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  • A few things I’m thankful for …

    As we’re quickly approaching Thursday and all it’s turkey-deliciousness, I wanted to take a quick moment to share a couple things that I’m really thankful for.

    1. A family whose love I feel so undeserving of. Really. They’re absolutely amazing! How did I ever get so lucky to be part of this crazy mob? And the kids! Their cuteness factor is absolutely off the charts!

    2. I’ve never had to worry about where I’m going to sleep that night. After listening to some folks at church on Sunday share their stories of a recent mission trip an Indian reservation near Globe, AZ, I have a renewed spirit of gratitude for the simple things that I so often take for granted–like a safe, warm place to stay every night.

    3. My job. While it may be trying and I may sometimes feel like I’m doomed to fail, I’m so grateful for not just steady income (which is pretty incredible as is), but getting to work in an industry that’s always been my dream. I believe that the books that I get to work on are making a difference not only in this life but also in the next.

    4. My other job. Somehow God has seen fit to fulfill one of my biggest dreams and given me the opportunity to write books.

    If God never gives me one more thing, I’ve already been given so much more than I deserve. And I’m going to choose an attitude of gratitude not just this time of year.

    What are you choosing to be grateful for this year?

    One thought on “A few things I’m thankful for …

    1. I love hearing about your attitude of gratitude! So contagious. I’m so thankful for the internet where I can still feel at least slightly connected to friends like you!


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