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  • Ah, spring in the Rockies!

    So I’m a bit behind in my blogging the last couple weeks. We’re going to blame that 100% on the last-minute edits I was trying to get done on my WIP (work in progress, for you non-writing readers out there). But it’s done and sent in, and now we wait. And brainstorm the next book idea which is already coming together.

    So last Friday, my cube-mate Ashley had a word–from the weatherman–that we were going to have a snow day in April in  Colorado Springs. Certain companies who shall remain nameless closed down for “precautionary” measures. My company, not so much. So I tooled to work on the decidedly un-crowded streets. I got lots of work done in the morning and was quite proud of myself.

    And then the snow came over the mountains and began dumping on us at about noon. The office started buzzing with rumors of an early release. And then came the official announcement. We were all to go home at 2:00.

    So a little after 2, I battled the elements to get to my car, managed to scrape it off wearing gloves and not socks this time (if you haven’t heard my sock story yet … well, probably be thankful … or just ask; I’ll share). I g0t in my car and got approximately 3 minutes from work before the sun started shining and the snow stopped coming.

    Pretty soon I was home and I felt like I had an entire extra day to my weekend. I was loving it! 🙂 But even though the sun was out, our driveway was covered in snow. So Amy and I bundled up and headed out to shovel it. You can read Amy’s account of the day here, complete with pictures. But I will say she doesn’t have all of her facts straight. She claims a snowball may have hit me by accident. I know it was completely malicious intent on her part when that  weapon was hurled at my head. But not to fear. I totally retaliated. I don’t know when I last had a snowball fight, but it was awesome! Probably because it was rather short and not completely frigid outside.

    Anyway, we ended up making a snow woman (she definitely had a skirt), and Amy has a picture of her up too. I haven’t managed to download my pictures yet.

    And by 2:00 the next day all the snow in our front yard had melted–taking our snow woman with.

    Ah, that’s spring in the Rockies.

    Loving the 70 degree weather until it starts snowing again (probably next week). -LJ

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