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  • Being a Fairy Godmother!

    Okay, so I’ve never been in a production of Cinderella. And I’ve never been asked to be a godmother to anyone’s children. But last weekend … well, I got to play a little part in the Fairy Godmother Project of Music City.

    If you’ve never heard about this program, it’s pretty cool! This group collects gently used prom and bridesmaid dresses and then shares them with girls who can’t afford a new dress for their upcoming prom. My sweet friend, Katie invited me to join her for a couple hours of volunteering last Saturday, and it was awesome!

    My job was to help out with the check-in and check-out process. Except they really didn’t need me to help with the check-in, so I took on the job of making sure the dresses were ready to go as the girls left–aka, covering them with dress bags. And when I realized it took me a solid 2 minutes to get a ready (torn off the roll and open) I realized it helped to have a couple on my arm, ready and waiting. This earned me a nickname pretty quickly. The Bag Lady.

    But I sure didn’t mind the moniker. I had the perfect view of the girls walking between racks of colorful dresses and as they modeled them for friends and family. It was so fun to see the shy girls walk in. As soon as they tried on the right dress, they became princesses, lighting up the whole gym.

    I love this video slideshow of the girls from last week. I hope they all have AMAZING proms!


    And girls in Nashville aren’t the only ones who might need help affording a prom dress this year. If you have an old dress just sitting in the back of your closet, would you consider checking to see if there is a Fairy Godmother or Cinderella project in your area? I promise. You could make someone’s prom!

    One thought on “Being a Fairy Godmother!

    1. Cool idea! And volunteering is always a bonus for the volunteeree as well as those she helps!


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