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  • For your consideration …

    I submit for your consideration … the perfect eat-while-you’re-driving food:


    So last Friday, I was headed home from work at about 3:30. During the summer, we’re supposed to get to leave work at 1:00. But a phone call with an author that I really needed to talk with and several packages that needed to be mailed, kept me there for a couple extra hours. So when I finally headed home, I was starving! I hadn’t stopped for lunch, and I’d only had a handful of Wheat Thins at my desk to tide me over.

    Somehow, I ended up at Sonic, thinking that tater tots sounded good. But when I pulled up to order, I knew that tater tots would not tide me over until dinner. So I ordered a 99 cent corndog.


    I thought I could wait until I got home to dig in to lunch/dinner. Nope. I couldn’t do it. My tummy rumbled, then growled really loudly, so I gave in and plunged my hand into my Sonic bag. I emerged with a corndog on a stick. And you know what? It was easier to eat than any other food I’ve ever tried to down while driving.

    No fear of things melting onto my lap or dropping greasy fries on my pants. It was perfect!

    So next time you’re looking for a quick meal on the go, try a corndog. They really are perfect for the road and not just for kids! And quite tasty too. 😉

    Wondering when my next corndog run will be until next time. -LJ

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