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  • Friday Favorite – The three wolf moon t-shirt

    My lovely and dear friend/writing buddy Jess B. sent me a link this morning at work. I saw it right away, but I was distracted by … well … things that needed to get done. At about 4:20 I finally had time to take a peek. What should I discover, but this t-shirt for sale on Amazon.com.


    While the shirt is obviously ridiculously awesome, it’s the product reviews that make it my Friday Favorite. As I read a few of them this afternoon, I was laughing so hard, I nearly fell out of my chair.

    Visit the three wolf moon t-shirt here, read some reviews, and see if this isn’t the most amazing shirt you’ve ever heard of.

    My favorite part? It’s #3 in apparel on all of Amazon!

    One word. Awesome!

    One thought on “Friday Favorite – The three wolf moon t-shirt

    1. I have passed this Amazon link on to so many people. It is hilarious! One of my friends emailed back to say – check out “The Mountain” (store that sells this shirt on Amazon). They sell some other items that are just as good. Christmas presents anyone?


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