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  • Haiti Disaster Relief

    Hi Friends,

    In lieu of my normal Friday Favorite this week, I thought that I’d just make a quick comment about the earthquake this week in Haiti. I was watching CNN tonight, and my heart just absolutely breaks for the tragedy there. I saw a segment about a 15-day-old baby, whose mother had died in the initial earthquake. The baby had a head injury, and the CNN medical correspondant stopped to help the baby, who needed antibiotics, but there are none to be easily found.

    CNN was also reporting that the relief effort is so disorganzied that as bodies are being recovered, they aren’t be marked or tagged. They’re beeing burried in mass graves, and their families will probably never know where they’ve been laid to rest.

    Watching the reports tonight just broke my heart, and it reminded me of something that Mark Batterson said in his new book Primal. He asks if our hearts break for the things that break the heart of God? I believe that God’s heart is broken for the people in Haiti who so desperately need Him, and I pray that that’s why my heart is broken now too.

    This isn’t a plea for your money or guilt trip or anything like that. I wish only to say that if God is moving you to pray, please do so. If He’s moving in your heart to give, and you’re not sure who to give to, may I recommend Compassion International. They have set up a Haiti Earthquake Relief Fund to provide necessary essentials for those in children and families in need in the name of Jesus. If you want more information, check them out here.

    May God make His glory known through this diaster–whether it be through the majesty of His power that controls 7.0 magnitude earthquakes or the kindess and help given in His name.

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