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  • Kaye Dacus’s – Follow the Heart Cover Reveal

    Hi, friends! My sweet writing buddy, Kaye Dacus has a new book coming out next Spring, and you can win a signed copy! Below is all the info you need about entering. But first, here’s a first look at the gorgeous cover!


    Follow the Heart by Kaye Dacus
    Book 1 in The Great Exhibition Series
    Coming from B&H Publishing in May 2013

    Kate Dearing’s life is turned upside down when her father loses everything in a railroad land speculation and she and her brother are shipped off to their mother’s brother, Sir Anthony, in England with one edict: marry money.

    Though their uncle tries to ensure Kate finds matrimonial prospects only among the highest echelon of British society, her attentions stray to the one of the least eligible people at her uncle’s home—the garden designer.

    Trying to push her feelings for the handsome—but not wealthy—man aside, Kate’s prospects brighten when a friend of Sir Anthony’s, a wealthy viscount, shows favorable interest in her. But will marrying for the financial security of her family be the right thing to do, when her heart is telling her she’s making a mistake?

    Mandates . . . money . . . matrimony. Who will follow the heart?


    Author Bio:

    Humor, Hope, and Happily Ever Afters! Kaye Dacus is the author of humorous, hope-filled contemporary and historical romances. She holds a Master of Arts in Writing Popular Fiction from Seton Hill University, is a former Vice President of American Christian Fiction Writers, and currently serves as President of Middle Tennessee Christian Writers. Kaye lives in Nashville, Tennessee, and even though she writes romance novels, she is not afraid to admit that she’s never been kissed.


    And here’s your chance to enter to win one of five signed copies of Follow the Heart! Join the Victorian scavenger hunt, answer my question at the end of this blog, and enter to win!

    Directions: Each participating blog has both an answer and a question—but the answers and questions aren’t on the same blog. DON’T POST YOUR ANSWERS HERE! Collect the questions and answers in an e-mail—along with the address of the site where you found each—to be sent to Kaye Dacus once you’re confident you have all of them and be entered to win one of FIVE signed copies of Follow the Heart when it releases in May 2013. Visit http://kayedacus.com for the list of participating sites in the scavenger hunt and rules for entering the contest.


    Question: What was the inspiration behind the design of the Crystal Palace?


    Answer: Most of the items were sold or returned to their place of origin. But many were donated and made up the first of the collection that would eventually become the Victoria and Albert Museum—built on land in South Kensington which Prince Albert purchased with the profits from the Great Exhibition. “Whatever human industry has created, you find there! Railway engines and boilers, mill machinery, splendid carriages of all kinds, glass-covered stands loaded with the most gorgeous work of gold and silver smiths, carefully guarded caskets full of real diamonds and pearls worth thousands of pounds” (Charlotte Brontë)


    And don’t forget to leave a comment here in answer to this question: Follow the Heart is set during Prince Albert’s Great Exhibition. Who’s your favorite British Royal, past or present, and why?

    11 thoughts on “Kaye Dacus’s – Follow the Heart Cover Reveal

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    2. It will be Prince Harry ,for all in the past least Diana who married in have their issues one might say:) Jenn

    3. Janella Wilson-Winners

      I would would have to say Princess Charlotte is one of my favorite royals.
      I always wonder what if… what if she survived the childbirth or what if her son survived and whould have be crowned king.
      It is so sad she died young but at least she married someone she loved.

    4. Debra E Marvin

      I do love Victoria, the current Queen Eliz(espesh when she takes her corgis out in the highlands). Diana’s lads and their beautiful, classy Kate! oh, was I suppose to pick one?

      I can go on and on, you know…

    5. I suppose it would be Princess Diana, I don’t think many of us could say our little impressionable selves didn’t feel the effect of watching her wedding and that giant white dress. She was always so sweet to people. All of my friends and I wanted to be Princess Di.

    6. I have to say I haven’t really paid much attention to British Royals. Princess Diana is one of the few I know anything about so I’ll pick her!

    7. Michelle H.

      I’d have to say either King George VI or Queen Victoria. Both had personal trials to overcome before/during their reign and I’ve enjoyed learning about them.

    8. I’ve always enjoyed reading up on Eleanor of Aquitane (wife of Henry II, mother of Richard the Lionheart). If we’re talking modern royals, I’ve got to give the nod to the Duchess of Cambridge.

    9. Emma

      Tough question! I have never really dived into history of the Royal Family! I have always liked Queen Victoria because, from the little I know about her, she just seemed to different from the norms of the era she was born and bred in. I like her devotion to her husband, and the fact she proposed to him, while not something I would ever do myself or encourage any other female to do, makes me smile. So outrageous, especially for the time!

      1. I think you all have some excellent favorite royals! I love Queen Victoria, too. She’s by far my favorite royal of the past. But I do love the modern ones. Kate the Dutchess of Cambridge is just so classy. She reminds me so much of Princess Diana. Classy ladies, those two.

        Thanks all for dropping by and good luck in Kaye’s contest! 🙂

    10. Who’s your favorite British Royal, past or present, and why? I am not sure, maybe Princess Diana.


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