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  • #LessInterestingBooks

    A few days ago I caught wind of a hastag trending on Twitter. (If that phrase meant nothing to you, let me translate: many people were talking about a topic.) The topic of the day: Less Interesting Books.

    Before you jump in thinking this blog is going to be “less interesting,” let me explain. The idea behind it was to take well-know, popular book titles and make them … well … less interesting by tweaking the title ever so slightly. At one point these were flying along my screen so fast I couldn’t read them, but I got enough to make me smile. And several that even made me laugh out loud. In honor of the brilliant men and women (who I’m afraid I can’t identify, and therefore can’t name here, but rest assured these aren’t my ideas) who came up with these, I give you my favorite #LessInterestingBooks.

    1. Of Mice
    2. Harry Potter and the Order of Takeout
    3. The Meh Gatsby
    4. Bored of the Flies
    5. A Series of Not Too Shabby Events
    6. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Commerce
    7. Love in the Time of Chicken Pox
    8. To Somewhat Offend a Mockingbird
    9. Minor Discomfort and Casual Resentment in Las Vegas
    10. The Grapes of Math
    11. There’s Waldo
    12. Where the Wild Things Were
    13. The Building Inspector of Oz
    14. Bossyspanx
    15. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Artist Formerly Known as Prince
    16. A Drainage Ditch Runs Through It
    17. The Call of the Skittish
    18. The Second to the Last of the Mohicans
    19. Lord of the Onion Rings
    20. Farenheit 72

    I hope I’m not the only one who reads these and wonders what the books by these titles would actually be about. 🙂

    So thanks to whoever came up with the idea and all those that made it fly off my screen. I appreciate the chuckles! Hope you enjoyed them, too! What have we missed? What would you add?

    3 thoughts on “#LessInterestingBooks

    1. Oh too funny! Poor Harry…I guess Harry Potter and the Chamber of Commerce is in his future now that he’s an “adult.” LOL

    2. Jess

      Ha! My fave is HP and the Chamber of Commerce, followed by Where the Wild Things Were. Very fun game! 🙂 (Also good: Second to the Last of the Mohicans.)

    3. Beth

      Oh this is great! Laughed hard…i think my favorite is “Theres Waldo” I just picture a book with a giant arrow pointing…purhaps a pop-up arrow LOL keep em coming E!


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