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  • Monday Movie – Miracle

    img_0680This was a hockey weekend for me! I love going to see live sports, especially hockey. So on Friday, when Jess L. invited me to go to the Colorado College hockey game on Saturday, I didn’t even hesitate. Of course, there was drama involving what I would wear. First, I was toing to wear a black shirt and orange sweater–the closest thing I could find to match the CC colors of gold and black. But as soon as I got changed, I realized that my hands were really dry, so put on some lotion and promptly squirted it all over my black shirt. Ugh!

    But I didn’t know who CC was playing, so I didn’t know what color not to wear. I finally decided on a white shirt and purple sweater. But what if the other team’s color was purple? Then I’d get booed by the CC fans–who I don’t mind saying are more than a little bit intense.

    When we got to the rink, I discovered that CC was playing Duluth, whose colors are gold and maroon. Whew. That purple was a little too close for comfort. But I survived, and the game was Awe-some. There were more fights than I’ve ever seen, and three players from Duluth were ejected from the game. It was so fun! And it put me in the mood for my favorite hockey movie of all time.


    If you haven’t seen Disney’s film chronicling the true story of the 1980 USA Olympic hockey team, you’re missing out. This is a movie for everyone who needs to be uplifted.

    In 1979 the United States needed something more than the gas shortage, hostages, and a failing economy to focus on. That’s when Herb Brooks (played brilliantly by Kurt Russell) was hired by the lead the men’s USA hockey team to the 1980 Olympics.¬†Brooks put together a rag tag team of college kids to play the best that the world had to offer–including the Soviet Union, who hadn’t lost in 20 years.

    This team of kids, who fought among themselves over past rivalries, couldn’t possibly win the gold. Could they?

    Miracle is just that. The story of a miracle that no one ever expected and a country really needed. Enjoy it!

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