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  • Monday Movie – Princess Protection Program


    After last year’s debacle that was Camp Rock … wait. Let me back up just a little bit more.

    When the original High School Musical aired on the Disney channel, I was one of many who tuned in. I love the original High School Musical. What’s not to love about star-crossed lovers, random outbursts of song, and cheesy teen dialogue?

    I love teen movies–as witnessed by my blog about the Au Pair 3. So after enjoying High School Musical, I thought I’d try Camp Rock last summer. Oh, it was bad. Not good. Amy and I just cringed the whole time we watched it.

    So imagine my hesitation when I saw that Disney was doing another made for TV movie–Princess Protection Program–starring Demi Lavato, who was also in Camp Rock. But I’m all about giving a second, so I thought I’d take a chance.

    Turns out it was a cute movie. No earth-shattering revelations, but the acting was 300% better than Camp Rock. It was a cute movie about friendship and worth a watch with the family. My favorite part was the compltely over the top general trying to take over a country no one has ever heard of. Awesome!

    Thinking that teeny bopper movies should air on ABC Family and Disney every weekend until next time. -LJ

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