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  • Monday Movie – The Prestige

    Since, I’m late in writing this, I won’t go as indepth as I usually do on my Monday Movies. So this weekend, my friends Jess and Jess came over to watch the new episode of Pushing Daisies. (That sound is me weeping for PD being cancelled.) So Jess B. left after the show–she had errands. Whatever that’s about. 🙂

    Jess L. wasn’t ready to go home yet, so we decided to watch The Prestige, which is one of the most twisted movies I’ve ever seen. The twists and turns just keep coming until the very end. It’s dark and a little bit creepy. And at its heart, it’s an exploration of one man’s obsession and the lengths he’ll go to beat his competition.

    May I recommend not watching this when you’re home alone? 🙂


    Totally freaking myself out when I watch this alone until next time. -LJ

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