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  • Nate. In Real Life.

    If you’ve read my newest book, Vanishing Act, you’ve met Nate Andersen, FBI hero extraordinaire. Nate is just the right amount of tough guy and sensitive spirit. In fact, it’s his sensitive side that makes him decide not to pursue Danielle Keating because he feels sure that he’ll break her heart. He’s certain that he’ll repeat past mistakes and continue a legacy he’d rather forget.

    And while that wasn’t always part of Nate’s story and developed as I explored the story, there is one thing about Nate that never changed. His face.

    From the moment I met Nate as I was writing The Kidnapping of Kenzie Thorn, I knew that Nate looked just like my favorite musician. Brandon Heath.

    And this week, I got to meet Nate’s real life counterpart. Brandon was playing at the Bluebird in Nashville, and my sweet friend Katie got us reservations to see the awesome show. The Bluebird holds about 75 people, so after the show I found my way over to Brandon, gave him a signed copy of Vanishing Act, and got him to sign a copy of VA back to me! And get this … he said his mom named him after the hero in a romance novel! I love it!

    So what was it like to meet kind-of-Nate in real life? Two words. AWE. SOME.

    Brandon was excellent! Super-genuine and just so kind. In such an intimate venue, his amazing talent was even more evident than usual. He’ll be a favorite of mine for ages! And not just because he seemed genuinely honored to be the face of my hero.


    8 thoughts on “Nate. In Real Life.

    1. That is so cool that you got to meet Brandon Heath!! What a cool backstory about his name, too…it was meant to be. 🙂

    2. Katie

      So glad to be a part of that fun night. Thank you for that, friend! And thanks too for my own new musical obsession.

    3. I’m so glad you got to meet him! I can’t believe both of your herospirations have signed both of your books!

    4. Jess

      Awwwww. So happy for you! 🙂

      Who are we tracking down for book three? Michael Trucco? 😉

    5. Beth Johnson

      OMG!! thats is so awesome!

    6. Terri

      Liz, that is so awesome! Very cool 🙂

      1. Thanks everyone! 🙂
        Jess, you’re right! For Code of Justice, we’ll have to track down Michael Trucco. Anyone have a connection? 🙂

    7. I love this, Liz! How cool to meet the real-life inspiration for a character. :o)

      P.S. Thank you for the sweet comments about my blog! I am happy about it too. So glad you like Tyson’s work! You should definitely peruse his website and check out his portfolio!

      P.P.S. Hope you’re having a restful, amazing weekend!


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