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  • Online Mocha Club – Brandon Heath, Matt Wertz, and Dave Barnes

    So my friend Ashley told me about this great online concert/chat tomorrow night. Check out the Live Online Mocha Club Event for only $1.50 to support clean water for Africa. More details below, or visit Brandon’s website at www.brandonheath.net for an awesome promo video including Brandon’s new beard. Ewww!!!

    Who: Brandon Heath, Matt Wertz, and Dave Barnes
    What: Mocha Club Live Online Event where Brandon, Matt, and Dave will each be playing some songs, interviewing one another, and answering your questions LIVE submitted through Twitter (@mochaclub)
    Where: MochaClub.org
    When: Tuesday, January 26th at 9pm ET/8pm CT
    Why: Benefitting Mocha Club’s Clean Water projects in Africa, helping to build water wells in Sudan
    How: Register NOW at http://live.MochaClub.org. Admission is $1.50

    2 thoughts on “Online Mocha Club – Brandon Heath, Matt Wertz, and Dave Barnes

    1. sorry about the beard. when you’re married you can tell him to shave.

      1. Oh, I totally will! 🙂


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