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  • PEI – Part 5

    Thursday, August 4

    Breakfast at the Shipwright–prepared by their in-house chef–was as amazing as the rest of the inn. With no firm plans for the day, we chatted over our fresh fruit and eggs about our plans. And that’s when Hannah (the girl who mocked Mom and I for coming back from the island last year singing the songs of Anne and Gilbert) suggested we go back and see the musical again. But the truth is, we all kind of liked the idea of going back to Summerside. Back for another round of Anne and Gilbert.

    But before we made a decision about seeing the show again, we had some exploring to do! And we were off to wander the shops and streets of Charlottetown, including a walk past the docks where we learned about why Charlottetown is called the birthplace of the Confederation. I had no idea about the history, and I don’t remember half of it, so if you’re curious, check it out here.

    The dock at the Charlottetown Harbor
    More boats in the harbor.
    Hannah enjoying one of the islands most famous treats--COWS ice cream!
    Hannah and me in front of Confederation Hall.
    The Confederation Players--actors in period costumes who give tours of historic Charlottetown.

    After shopping and exploring to our heart’s content, we finally decided that we could only see Anne and Gilbert on PEI, and we didn’t want to miss the opportunity. So we popped in the car and decided to zip along the southern shores back to Summerside. That meant a stop at Rocky Point to walk past a lighthouse and discover a second that we missed last summer!

    The view from Rocky Point across the bay from Charlottetown.
    Love the red cliffs--even if they are erroding and signs warned us not to get too close to the edge.
    Hannah of the trees! (That's an LM Montgomery book if ever I heart one.)
    This path looked like it just disappeared into the ocean. But it didn't.
    Charlottetown in the distance.
    The first lighthouse at Rocky Point
    A second and nearly identical lighthouse set far off the water. We just couldn't figure out why there would be a lighthouse nearly hidden.
    I love the white churches that pepper the island.
    Across the road from that church--this view! Wow!

    We arrived in Summerside just in time┬áto go back to our favorite little Deckhouse Pub for dinner, where Mom loved her clam chowder and Hannah and I devoured some excellent comfort food. And then we sat in the very back row (the best cheap seats we could get) and fell in love with Anne and Gil all over again. I can’t even begin to describe how much I love this show and how glad I am that Hannah loved it, too!

    One thought on “PEI – Part 5

    1. Hannah

      You are onto something with “Hannah Of the Trees.” That would make an excellent book title. I love seeing the pictures again!!


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