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  • Random Thought

    So I was just editing a picture with Picasa from Google. Amy introduced me to this software, but I’m still pretty new at it. I do find it comes in handy to make pictures smaller, especially when my website only allows certain size pics.

    Anyway, a box popped up asking me if I wanted to update it. And my options were “Yes, update now” and “Later, please.” And it occured to me that maybe my Picasa box was kinder and more courteous today than I was. I had to stop and ask myself if I took the time to say “please” today. Did I say “thank you” at every opportunity? Was I kind and loving to everyone I interacted with?

    I know that Bible says that if we don’t worship God, the rocks will cry out to praise His name. But I don’t remember reading anything about if we don’t treat others with love, Picasa pop-up boxes will.

    Either way, I don’t want rocks or pop-up boxes doing my job.

    So … thanks for stopping by. Praying that you’re enjoying God’s glory today. -LJ

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