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  • Ridiculously funny!

    So I just had to share that I’ve added a new blog to my blog roll. It’s the blog of signs of unnecessary quotes. It’s a collection of pictures of signs that use quotation marks all “wrong”. And it’s hilarous! (Thanks, Amy, for sending it my way!)

    Being a writer myself, I find misuse of punctuation in general pretty funny. Especially when it’s mine! 🙂 Case in point: I was recently finishing up the proofreads on Kenzie’s book, and I came across a line that had once been something like:

    “Milumb grbb,” she mumbled as his hand covered her mouth …

    My editor wasn’t a big fan of the mumbled words, so she suggested removing them and replacing that whole section of the sentence with the word Gasping. Worked for me! But when I got the manuscript back, it read:

    “Gasping,” as his hand covered her mouth …

    I got such the kick out of that! And I think you’ll get a kick out of the quotes blog too! Enjoy!

    Check it out at: www.unnecessaryquotes.com

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