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  • Christmas Movie Countdown – Number 5

    As previously confessed on this very blog, I love made for TV movies. I catch nearly every ABC Family, Hallmark, and a some of the Lifetime made for TV movies. So in honor of all the wonderful made for TV Christmas movies, I thought I’d offer a countdown just for you. So every Friday from now until Christmas day, I’ll share with you one of my favorites.

    As a disclaimer, I’d like to point out that these are only those movies that first aired on TV, so Elf and Miracle on 34th Street couldn’t even be considered. 

    Before I reveal number 5 on my list, I can’t fail to mention some others that I enjoy.
    Borrowed Hearts – a classic from the 90s that my mom and I used to watch every year
    The Christmas Choir – a new one from Hallmark based on a true story
    The Christmas Card – totally would have made the top 5, except that the guy is not a good actor. at all.
    All She Wants for Christmas – I totally relate to the heroine, who is a bit of a clutz
    Moonlight and Mistletoe – Candace Cameron Bure in a sweet story that was new to Hallmark last year

    So now … let’s begin the list. In the 5th spot ….


    Melissa Joan Hart (oh, yea, that’s Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Clarissa Explains it all) stars as a waitress whose family has higher aspirations for her, but her life is falling apart rapidly, starting with a bad perm (oh, my gosh, that’s one of the funniest scenes) and her fiance dumping her. With her family expecting to meet her fiance at their cabin for Christmas, she’s desperate.

    Enter Mario Lopez’s character, who is about to propose to his girlfriend at the diner where our heroine works. She pops him over the head and kidnaps him, telling her family that he likes to joke about being kidnapped. And they buy it.

    It’s a funny, sweet story of learning to love your family wherever they are. And that what you thought you wanted in love, might not be what you really need.

    Catch it on ABC Family in their 25 Days of Christmas celebration this year!