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  • Welcome, Leann Harris!

    Today, I wanted to share with you a quick guest post from fellow Love Inspired author Leann Harris. Having a rough day? Here are a few encouraging words from Leann:

    Ever have one of those days when everything goes wrong?  The day after Father’s day, I had to exchange the gift I got for my hubby.  Well, I put the shirt in the bag and went to the store and then realized I didn’t have the receipt. I made a couple of other stops, which I couldn’t get the vitamins and other items I needed.   My final stop was at the grocery story, where discovered I forgot the list of what I needed.

    At this point, I had to laugh.  The Lord reminded me I could laugh at myself or get mad and put myself in a rotten mood.  I laughed and thanked the Lord He was with me.  Roll with the punches, you’ll enjoy your life so much more.

    Why do I have a picture of a chia pet longhorn?  It was a funny thing I saw one day and thought only in Texas.


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    And look for Second Chance Ranch, hitting shelves in January! Visit Leann online at: www.leannharris.com.