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  • An Ode to the PPLD

    Oh, Pikes Peak Library District,
    dear Pikes Peak Library District.
    Your kindness is incredible,
    your patience is …

    Well, okay. I’m not so good with poetry, so I’ll put an end to my terrible ode and just tell you why I love the library, specifically the one here in Colorado Springs.

    So I’ve been waiting … not patiently at all … to read a YA that came out last year. I’ve put it on my Paperback Swap wishlist, but to no avail. So I finally looked it up in my libraries online catalog. But they didn’t have it.

    Sad day.

    I was lamenting this fact to Katie the other day, and she suggested that I might try seeing if the library would order the book for me. What a novel concept. I had no idea that libraries would do that for just one patron–especially one who lost a book last year and sometimes forgets to return books on time.

    I called them, and a lovely resource librarian there put in my request for the book. And if the library decides to order it, it’ll be here in 2 months. AND it will automatically be put on my hold list when it arrives.

    Talk about excellent customer service.

    So thank you, PPLD. I will honor you by not concluding my ode until next time.