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  • Monday Movie – The Moth

    the-mothWhen I was home a couple weeks ago, I was in the mood to watch a really romantic movie. Not a romantic comedy or an action flick with a romantic subplot. Nope. I wanted a really truly romantic movie.

    Enter the BBC version of Catherine Cookson’s The Moth, starring Jack Davenport, Juliet Aubrey, and Justine Waddell.

    It comes in handy that I gave it to my mom as a gift for Christmas a coule years ago, so I knew she had it. 🙂 (I completely abide by the rule: give gifts you’d like to receive. Hint, hint.) Amazon’s description is The Moth—In 1913, a talented carpenter leaves the Jarrow shipyards to work in a small village where an encounter with an ethereal girl-child changes his life.

    That’s really the most understated description ever written!

    The Moth is the story of Robert Bradley (Jack Davenport), a carpenter in the Irish shipyards just before WWI. When Robert’s father dies, his estranged uncle offers him a job working in his furniture-making shop. Robert decides to move to the country and moves in with his uncle’s family. But when Robert is wrongfully accused of impregnating his cousin Carrie, he chooses to leave the house and his job and finds work at the Thorman home.

    While Robert’s reputation is ruined, he refuses to lie about his actions or his feelings. But his reputation creates problems at the Thorman house, especially with Sarah, the eldest daughter. And Sarah’s jealousy and interest in Robert just makes things harder. But when Carrie’s delivery has complications, she tells her father that Robert isn’t the father of her baby.

    With his reputation restored (he has a great line about how his conscience was always clean), he can finally begin to explore his feelings for Sarah. But their class differences still stand in the way. Bankruptcylooms over the Thorman family, and Sarah feels helpless and trapped. But when Robert’s uncle dies, he leaves his business and land to Robert. Suddenly a man of property, he is able to act on his love for Sarah.

    The 3 part miniseries is way better than my description, and Jack Davenport is the reason why.


    If Jack looks familiar to you, you probably know him from the 3 Pirates of the Caribbean movies as Elizabeth Swan’s ill-fated fiance. Or maybe you saw him as Amy Adam’s groom-to-be in The Wedding Date. Either way, his absolutely fantastic as Robert Bradley. He’s subtle and caring, and he plays the part so beautifully. He’s handsome to boot, too!

    If you’re in the mood for a really good romance, don’t miss out on The Moth.

    Dreaming romantic dreams until next time. -LJ