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  • Return of the Random Post – Toothpaste Fiasco!

    So I miss posting about random things. I got busy and haven’t been taking time lately to tell you about the really strange things goin on. But that stops today. Or more accurately, I’m stopping today. To share more than you ever wanted to know about me …

    While I wish I had the beautiful skin of my 5-year-old niece, all perfect porcelain and adorable freckles, I do not wish I had the skin of a girl half my age. But last night, that’s exactly what I got, the skin of a 14-year-old. Pimples and all. Three pimples, to be exact. On my nose, on my cheek, and my chin.

    It was the perfect trifecta of complexion bummer!

    Per my norm, I was oversharing with Amy. She suggested I put some  toothpaste on my “problem areas” to dry them out. Hmmm … I hadn’t heard of that. But I figured it couldn’t hurt, so before bed I plopped three dollops of Aquafresh on my nose, cheek, and chin.

    No problem. Until I woke up to three large blobs of toothpaste on my pillow case.

    That’s right! My dollops had morphed into blobs and spread all over my pillow. Turns out I may not be the most … hmm … demure sleeper. And I totally dirtied up my freshly laundered pillow case. Bummer.

    Oh, well. No problem, right? I figured I’d just wash it off in the shower, right? Wrong. Even hot steamy water wasn’t washing off the crusted toothpaste. It took some seriously scrubbing to finally get a clean face, an unexpected side-effect.

    And the worst part. My pimples? Oh, they’re totally still hanging around.

    Seriously considering using windex to fix my face until next time. -LJ