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  • The Case of the Missing Books

    All right. I confess. I totally read Encyclopedia Brown books when I was a kid. In fact I still have a dozen or so on my bookshelf. My dad used to read them to us when I was little. (I still can’t solve the cases most of the time.) 🙂

    Well, I’ve stumbled upon a case for just such a young sleuth. I’ve lost a library book that’s due back! It had become my regular take-it-to-the-gym book, so I was sure it was just hanging out in my gym bag or in one of the piles on my floor. Yes, that’s the multiple of pile. I have a pile of books for Paperback Swap. One for dvds that I’ve been watching before bed lately. One of shoes hanging out that I kicked off when I got inside my actual room.

    Anyway, you get the picture. So wearing my incredibly painful high heels that I’m still trying to break in and my pajamas, I tore my room apart. I shifted piles (even put some of them away), dug through my purse and gym bag, scoured all of my bookshelves. I checked my “borrowed from friends” pile and even ripped apart my bed covers, thinking it might have been lost in the mess. And my grand discovery?

    I can’t find one of the books that I own. Not my biggest problem of the night.

    To be honest, I had 8 books checked out of the library, and I’ve been able to locate 7 of them. But where is that last book? I wasn’t done reading it.

    So here you go, young Encyclopedia Brown:

    Will pay 25 cents for the safe return of Me and Mr. Darcy by Alexandra Potter.


    Searching the trunk of my car until next time. -LJ

    2 thoughts on “The Case of the Missing Books

    1. Amy

      i totally LOVED encyclopedia brown! although, i admit that i did mostly cheat to figure out what the answers were. he was like the mentalist before there WAS a mentalist. 🙂

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