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  • Time for a BHeath Moment

    I figure it’s about time for a Brandon Heath moment. Seriously … it’s been far too long, and now that I live in the same city as him, it seems like we should have these more often. And since Vanishing Act appeared this weekend, I thought it was the perfect time for just such a moment.

    What does Brandon Heath have to do with my new book?

    More than you might think. No, he hasn’t endorsed it yet. (Amy, that’s a nudge to you, to help Brandon with that little task.) 🙂 But he is the model for my hero, Special Agent in Charge Nate Andersen.

    And wouldn’t you know it, I’ve had a BHeath song going through my mind. All week. The only problem is that it’s not been released yet. I’ve heard him perform it twice, and I LOVE it. I’m hoping it’ll be on his new album this fall. But for now my only option is to look it up on YouTube. So here’s the only video I can find of “Only Water.” Enjoy!

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