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  • Welcome to NaNo WriMo

    If you’ve spent more than a second in the blogosphere in the last 4 days, you’ve probably heard a little something about NaNo WriMo. If you’re unfamiliar with the tradition of NaNo WriMo, then allow me to fill you in.

    November is widly known as National Novel Writing Month–thus abreviated NaNo WriMo. And those crazy writers who decide to participate in the NaNo WriMo challenge, try to write 50,000 words in one month. If you’re not a writer, then the word count probably doesn’t mean much to you. But if you’re not sure if that’s a HUGE challenge, let me assure you IT IS!

    Like an idiot, I suggested (please note, how I’ve inflicted this torture on myself) to Jess Barnes that perhaps we should participate this year. She quickly agreed to go along with it–modifying her plans to write a mere 30,000 words, which is still a ridiculous amount to write in one month. But me, I decided that if I could just get those 50,000 words written, I’d pretty nearly have my next novel for Steeple Hill completed. So I decided I was definitely going to do it.

    My problem. I’m totally undisciplined. Here I am 4 days in, and I’ve managed to write a grand total of 1,800 words. I’m seriously going to have to make this weekend count!!! 🙂

    3 thoughts on “Welcome to NaNo WriMo

    1. daddio pooh paw

      You can do it – Waterboy. Make this weekend count, since you totally got soaked last weekend. Next time John suggests going on water ride at Sea World, Just Say No!

    2. lol. You sound like me. It’s worse than a NY Resolution…I decided to count some words I wrote on the weekend BEFORE November, and I’m still behind…

    3. Go Liz!!


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