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  • When writing overlaps my day job

    I’ve had a really, really strange weekend. I’ve spent much of me weekend writing pitches and press releases for my book. But that’s what I do all week at work for other people’s books.

    I’ve been organizing a blog tour for Kenzie’s release and lining up web reviewers, people who I have the privilege of working with during my day job. They are such a sweet, kind group, and I love working with them!

    But it’s really very strange, this feeling of working with them on personal and professional levels, asking them to to review something so personal to me. They’ve come out in droves, and I totally owe them. So thanks to all of them. You’ll see their websites listed here throughout the summer, as I’ll link to fun coverage of Kenzie and interviews with me. 🙂 Hope you’ll go visit the sites when I post links.

    Feeling like I’m in the Twilight Zone until next time. -LJ

    One thought on “When writing overlaps my day job

    1. I’m excited to read your book!!


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