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  • A bit late … and it’s my fault!

    Hey guys, so I was supposed to send Katie and Stephanie my top 5 made for TV Christmas movies weeks ago so that they could send me their thoughts. Did they agree or disagree, etc. But I failed to do that until this last Tuesday, but Katie was great and still sent me her thoughts on Holiday in Handcuffs. (We’ll try to get these timed so you can read them all together in the coming weeks.) 🙂

    Katie’s thoughts:
    While I feel Holiday in Handcuffs is a little too new to be in my Christmas top 5, this movie basically hits all the made-for-tv movie requirements which is why we love it: single girl in need of a guy for the holiday celebrations – check, crazy family trying to have a perfect christmas and failing miserable – check, completely implausible storyline – check, falling in love in less than a week – check, 2 teen tv stars now on the made-for-tv movie circuit – check and check. Plus I can pretty much conjure up the image of Trudie’s (aka:Melissa Joan Hart) home perm gone bad any time of the year and it gives me a good laugh. So single ladies, the next time you are at your breaking point and you’re thinking of kidnapping some random hottie to pass off as your bf – do it! If it works for MJH – it’ll work for you – that’s what I say!


    Thanks for your input, Katie! 🙂 You rock!

    As a side note, last night I totally watched The Most Wonderful Time of the Year (Hallmark’s release last year, with Henry Winkler as a crazy cop uncle) while I wrapped Christmas presents. (Yes, I was wrapping gifts. I can’t help it. It’s all too overwhelming if I wait until the last minute!) I had my roommate Tracy in total agreement that the guy in the movie was well-worth running through an airport to catch. 🙂

    One thought on “A bit late … and it’s my fault!

    1. I love Katie’s review!


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