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  • A Star in the Night

    Over the last couple days, I’ve shared with you a bit about A Log Cabin Christmas and a bit about how I first learned about Carnton, one of the key locations in A Star in the Night. But I suppose the real question now is, what is A Star in the Night really about?

    Here’s a little synopsis just for you!

    In 1864 Tennessee Cora Sinclair lives relatively unaffected by the War Between the States until the Battle of Franklin leaves her to care for a wounded Union officer. Captain Jedediah Harrington just wants to get back to Washington and his role in the War Department, but his injury is more severe than he anticipated, and he’s forced to spend the month of December with Cora and her grandfather in their log cabin.

    As Jed begins to heal from his physical injuries, Cora realizes that serving at a field hospital following the battle has left unseen scars on her heart, and Jed is the only one who can help mend her spirit. As Christmas approaches, will love prevail despite Cora’s pain and Jed’s imminent return to Washington?

    So there you have it! Cora and Jed’s story hits stores in just a few more weeks with 8 other great books. The reviews haven’t really started coming in yet, but I did receive a sweet email from a reviewer who enjoyed it. And my sister said this is her favorite of all the books I’ve written. Maybe that’s just because it’s the shortest. 🙂

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