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  • A tale of a fateful ship …

    Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale, a tale of a fateful trip …

    Well, it’s actually a tale of a fateful ship … the Meribel. Here is her story, in pictures and words.

    Meribel was a good ship. A friendly ship. She liked the open water and her place of rest among the other boats in my backyard next to her friend, Little Blue Boat.


    But then, one day the waters started to rise. And rise. And rise. And Meribel’s friend didn’t float. Meribel was sad.


    When Little Blue Boat disappeared, Meribel thought she’d be all alone, floating on the water. But then Floating Storage Shed arrived.


    But then Floating Storage Shed became a bully, pushing Meribel back into a corner.


    Will Meribel get out of the corner? Will she fight back against Floating Storage Shed? Check back soon for an update.

    (In all seriousness, these are pictures I took over 3 days in my new backyard during the flooding in Nashville. As of right now the water is still rising in rivers and creeks all over the city, including the one feeding the basin behind my home. Please pray for the people who have lost everything in the floods of Middle Tennessee.)

    One thought on “A tale of a fateful ship …

    1. Report in, lady! Is your house still dry? Been thinking about you!


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