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  • Brandon Heath and Third Day … Here We Come!

    So I decided to take the plunge, spend some Christmas money and make the trip back to AZ for the Third Day and Brandon Heath Revelation tour. Tickets are purchased (Mom and I are sitting in the third row!) and I’m stoked to get to hang with the family for an entire week. I should be to AZ just in time to miss having to help move Micah and Beth and Hannah and John into their new homes! Perfect timing! 🙂

    So my mom agreed to go to the show with me not because she’s big into concerts or especially loves either Brandon or Third Day, but rather because she loves me and wants to hang out with me. Very cool. 🙂 But being a seasoned concert veteran, I know that a show is always better when you know the songs, so I put together 2 cds for her and mailed them off this week. They are labeled:
    Operation: Get Ready for the Concert – Part 1: Brandon Heath
    Operation: Get Ready for the Concert – Part 2: Third Day

    Here’s hoping Mom actually listens to them so she’s ready for the show!

    In honor of Third Day’s new album Revelation (which I’ve been rocking out to in my car, on my ipod at work, and at the gym), a video that I think sums it up better than I ever could. 

    Until we’re rocking out live at the concert. -LJ

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