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  • Brandon Heath is Leaving Eden!

    Well, it’s been a long wait–nearly a year and half. But Brandon Heath’s new albumbrandon-heath-leaving-eden, Leaving Eden, is finally available today.

    Thanks to a friend of mine, I received a sneak preview of this album about 6 weeks ago. What does that mean for you? Well, it means I can recommend this album without reservation–because it’s still in my cd player, still playing through day after day.

    A few highlights:

    Track 1 – Leaving Eden
    The title track kicks off this album perfectly. It’s an exploration of the things that make this world hard. Brandon sings about his neighbor forgetting her own name among other heart-breaking moments of life. But somehow, when he sings about “going home,” the hope in his voice is nearly tangible.

    Track 2 – Your Love
    The first single off the album has been getting some mega radio play. For good reason. This catchy song sums up the theme of entire LP. Check out the song here.

    Track 4 – Only Water
    I get chills every time Brandon hits the third verse of this song, as he begins singing about how Jesus was at a wedding that had run out of wine, speaking of the first miracle of Jesus recorded in the gospels. “They said he was just a man. That’s where it all began. It was only water.” A very chill song, that’s worth listening to time and again.

    Track 5 – Stolen
    As relaxed as Only Water is, Stolen is the opposite–an intense tune about the unrelenting love of God. The chorus is beyond catchy and is such a strong reminder that God pursues our hearts because he loves us and longs to be in relationship with us.

    Well, those are my favorites on the record, but don’t miss As Long as I’m Here (the last song), the smooth Now More Than Ever, and the TobyMac sound-alike It’s No Good.

    You can listen to samples at CBD.com or buy it there or at iTunes or wherever you like to get your music, if I’ve convinced you already. It’s well-worth the investment. Tell me if you do pick it up. I’d love to hear what you think!

    2 thoughts on “Brandon Heath is Leaving Eden!

    1. daddio pooh-paw

      It’s growing on me. I have listened to it several times and see what you mean about the sequence of the songs. I have it in my car player now. Thanks for sharing it with me.

      1. I’m glad to hear it! I love that album. 🙂


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