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  • Why I still have my Christmas tree up …

    Yup. Nearly every one I know has long since taken down their Christmas lights, pulled their decorations of their tree, and replaced their red and green decorations with their year-round ones.

    But not me. My miniature Christmas tree is right where I left it when I took for for Christmas vacation. My red and green wall hanging and quilt are in their places. And I my Christmas lights are often plugged in. Nearly half way through the month of January, I haven’t touched my Christmas stuff.

    And I’m not taking it down any time too soon. (And not just because I’m lazy–which of course I have been since returning from vacation.)

    It’s all because of a little thing, I like to call a deadline. Well, actually nearly everyone I know calls it a deadline. Yup, I have a manuscript due on February 1st. Moreover, it’s a manuscript for a Christmas novella (due out in September 2011). So I have to keep my yuletide spirit intact at least through the end of the month.

    Turns out it’s harder to feel Christmasy in January than I thought it would be. So if you come for a visit, please don’t judge me for keeping my lights up.

    How long do you keep your decorations up?

    3 thoughts on “Why I still have my Christmas tree up …

    1. I usually keep my Christmas decorations up until the first or second week of January. I just took them down last weekend. Smart move to leave them up so you can stay in the Christmas spirit. 😉

    2. It’s a Schulz family tradition to take our decorations down on January 6th, Three Kings Day! The last day of the twelve days of Christmas is Jan 5th so I think it’s blasphemous to un-decorate before then 🙂

      And good luck with your story, Liz!

    3. Kelly

      Oh girl, we still have all our decorations up! We don’t really have a ton but yeah, the Christmas tree lights are on right now! Love the ambiance 🙂


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