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  • Can I tell you a story?

    I’m in a rut. A ditch. A crater (depending on who you ask). Some might even call it a character flaw. I personally think it’s an adorable quirk.

    But it’s starting to bother me. Really, I’m noticing it much more lately, and I’m concerned that there may be a medical problem. Do you think there’s a place in your brain that if pressure is applied it makes you do the same crazy thing time and again? Yea … me neither.

    So what is this verbal hiccup? “Can I tell you a story?” Yup. That’s the phrase. I start every story with it lately. Of course, it has variations, but the point is always the same. I feel the need to request permission to tell a story.

    And I have witnesses. Take for example Kristi, my friend, coworker, and cubicle neighbor. Everyday–and I do mean EV.RY.DAY–I turn to her and say “Can I tell you a funny story?” And about 63% of the time I follow that with a quick “Well, it’s not really that funny.”

    Of course she’s gracious and kind and tells me to tell her the story. I do and she laughs. (Only about 27% of the time out of pitty.)

    But then the other day, I was in the car with my friends driving back from lunch, and we were talking about awkward moments of holding the door for others or them holding it for you. Literally, we’re ten minutes into this conversation of silly door holding stories, and I pipe up with, “Can I tell you guys an embarrassing story about opening a door?”

    Yea, that made me stop and shake my head.

    I hope there’s medication for this or we’re all in trouble.

    What are your verbal quirks?

    4 thoughts on “Can I tell you a story?

    1. I agree with you…it is an adorable quirk. 🙂 And I loved your story in the car!

    2. Haha! That’s too funny – I can totally picture it. I shake my head at myself alllll the time if that makes you feel any better! Love ya Liz!

    3. right now i’m just thinking of the awkwardness of someone holding the door for you…

    4. Amy

      Um, BOLTH? 🙂


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