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  • Downton Abbey

    So this weekend I finally sat down to start Downton Abbey. Have you heard of this? Well, if you’ve followed me on Facebook, then you’ve certainly seen the discussion that this early 20th Century period drama has fostered. Set just after the sinking of the Titanic, the household at Downton Abbey is in a uproar, as the two closest heirs to the estate were on the unsinkable ship. Who will step in as the heir? And what secrets does the house staff hold?

    In the tradition of Gosford Park and classic BBC period dramas, comes this much-hated (because it ends on a cliffhanger, and the second part won’t release until next year!), beautifully made and amazingly acted!


    Although I’m just a couple episodes into the first part, I’m thoroughly enjoying Maggie Smith, Hugh Bonneville, and a host of amazing actors, beautiful costumes, and a thoroughly compelling plot. I recommend this with one caveat … It has a short interlude that may not be appropriate for children, so let’s label this one PG-13.

    3 thoughts on “Downton Abbey

    1. Yay for more Downton Abbey fans! 🙂

    2. it keeps getting better!

    3. I’ve watched the series, cut and uncut, several times now. Netflix streamed the unedited version. Not sure if they still are. I’m SO impressed with the writing and production. Can’t wait for Series 2… but I’ll have to. We won’t get it until next Jan.


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