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  • Christmas Movie Countdown – Number 4

    Welcome back to the Christmas Movie Countdown. If you missed the introduction last week, I’ll recap for you quickly. I’m counting down my top five favorite made for TV Christmas movies, and today is my number 4 pick!

    eves-christmasEve’s Christmas came out in 2004 and is the story of Eve Simon (played by Elisa Donovan), a successful business associate in New York City. But as Christmas approaches and her skeezy boss hits on her, Eve wonders if years ago she made the right decision to leave her fiancee at the altar and take the internship that has made her the business mogul she always longed to be.

    On the streets of NYC, Eve meets a mysterious man–not surprisingly an angel–who sends her back in time. When Eve wakes up the next morning, she’s back living in her parent’s home and still planning her Christmas wedding to Scott.

    But as Eve gets to relive her life, she is faced with the same decision that she already made once–badly. So what will she do?

    I think one of the reasons I love this movie is that the ending really surprised me. You think she’ll go with the guy just because it’s a sweet Christmas movie, but it doesn’t play out like every other rom com. We get to see her be great at what she’s great at while still being in love with a really cute boy. I also really love Eve’s relationship with her mom. It’s so sweet. It makes me want to go home and bake cookies with my mom.

    Catch it on Lifetime this Christmas season, and be sure to let it pull you into the holiday spirit.

    Have you ever had to choose between a man and the job that you love? What’d you do? What would you do if you were confronted with that question?

    And Katie says:
    so I’d only seen this movie once-i guess the year it was new-and never made a point to watch it again so that’ll tell you something…but for the sake of the blog i subjected myself to it a second time – and i have to tell you – my initials impressions still stand. in theory i think the idea of the movie is good – girl gets second chance at righting a wrong in her past (by traveling back in time of course! this is a tv movie after all!) and in the end makes the right decisions that lead to a great life with the man she loves. but the truth is, i just don’t like eve and i don’t care if she chooses the guy or the job or gets stuck in the past or with her crappy reality or jumps off a cliff (too far?). needless to say, this one wouldn’t make my top 5. sorry liz!

    Steph says:
    I love made for television movies. Made for television Christmas movies are especially wonderful. This was the first time I had seen Eve’s Christmas and, though not my favorite, it did not disappoint. When referring to our last movie, Holiday in Handcuffs, Katie said that one of the must-have qualities of a made for tv Christmas movie is a “completely implausible storyline.” Eve’s Christmas has plenty: wishes upon the Christmas Star, guardian angels, and time travel! Will Eve make the right decision the second time around?

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