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  • Friday Favorite – Birthday Presents

    I love birthdays, and the presents that go along with them. I love giving gifts, and I love getting them. But since last weekend was my birthday, it was my turn to get presents. My friends and family were immensly generous with me, and I was absolutely floored by their thoughtfulness. My family and friends made sure I was stocked up on seasons of Robin Hood and Burn Notice and lots of gift cards.

    But there were two gifts that really stood out to me as expectionally thoughtful. 

    First, my friend Judy Dyson surprised me with a gift that was more for my book release than for my birthday with a gift that made me cry. She’d arranged to have her brother-in-law paint the cover of my book on a large scale. When I first met Willy, I threw my arms around him to thank him. It’s the most beautiful painting because of the love and thoughtfulness behind it. Here’s me and Willy at my last signing in Yuma.


    Thank you, Judy and Willy! I love it!

    Then after my return to Colorado Springs, I jumped back into work and nearly forgot that I’d just had a birthday. But on Wednesday morning, Jess B., writing buddy-extraordinaire came to my office first thing in the morning with a wrapped gift and said I should open it immediately … so I opened it and found …

    Well … let me tell a quick story first. You see, Jess was the one who originally suggested to me that Adam Baldwin would be the perfect guy to “play” Myles Borden, the hero in The Kidnapping of Kenzie Thorn. As soon as she said his name, I knew that he was the right guy! Adam of Chuck and Firefly was the perfect model for Myles.

    So Jess headed to San Diego last week for ComiCon, and she mentioned that she might try to get in line to meet Adam. I hooted and swooned appropriately. Then Jess suggested I might sign a copy of my book to Adam and she’d try to slip it to him. What a wonderful idea! I signed him a copy of the book that said something like “Dear Adam, you’re my hero. No seriously. I modeled the hero of my book after you. Love your work!”

    When I first saw Jess on Tuesday after her return, I asked if she’d gotten a chance to give Adam my book, she said she’d just had time to slip it to him, and the line was moving fast, so he hadn’t said anything. Totally understandable, so I thanked her and promptly moved on.

    So back to my office and Jess’ present. A little card on the front said, “About yesterday, I lied.” Huh? I was confused. Until I opened the gift and found an 8×10 framed copy of this picture:


    It’s Adam Baldwin! Holding a copy of my book! He’s holding MY BOOK! Giving it a thumbs up!!!!!!!!!!!!

    To say I squealed would be an understatement. And the gift wasn’t even over. Jess had him sign a copy of my book back to me. “To Liz, Keep up the great works!!!!!” Oh, gosh! I can’t breathe, just remembering it! 🙂

    Turns out Jess totally had time to give him my book that I signed for him, and he was excited about it.

    Jess, you absolutely rock! This is one of the most complex and thoughtfully planned gifts I’ve ever gotten.

    Hoping you all get amazing birthday presents until next time. -LJ

    7 thoughts on “Friday Favorite – Birthday Presents

    1. WOW! That’s awesome Liz! Really cool 🙂

    2. That TOTALLY ROCKS!!!!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Adam Baldwin, and this just makes me love him even more!

    3. I came here from Kaye’s posted link on Facebook – what a FABULOUS gift!! That picture w/ Adam is awesome, congratulations!!

    4. I’m so jealous! That is seriously amazing. What a neat story!!! One to cherish. You have great friends!!! Happy belated birthday.

    5. That is FANTASTIC! What a great picture and keepsake for your debut novel. You lucky girl. 🙂 Next best thing to standing in line yourself and giving him your book. Adam was here in Denver for a sci-fi con last year and I almost met him. Just in the same room with him.

    6. I had to add this picture of Adam to my Casting Book collection of images of him . . . just because it makes me smile every time I see it!

    7. Jess

      How could I pass up that opportunity?

      I expect you to do the same for me, should you ever meet Lee Pace. Actually…bringing HIM home for me would be grand. Work on that. 😉


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