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  • Friday Favorite – Jeopardy

    jeopardyA couple weeks ago, I happened to glance at the clock over the stove after work. It read 6:28, so I hurried into the living room and grabbed the remote. Amy shot me a strange look, and I shrugged. “I can watch Jeopardy today!” I might have also included some small happy dance in conjuction with the realization that I was going to get to watch one of my favorite shows.

    To my enthusiasm, Amy responded, “Don’t forget your walker.”

    Can you believe that? I may be a little younger than the average Jeopardy fan, but I still love it. I enjoy the trivia and testing my own knowledge of random facts. I enjoy surprising myself when I do know the question to a hard answer. Not to mention Alex Trabec is a bit of a hoot. And this week finishes up the annual Teen Tournament. My odds of me getting the right response improve dramatically during the teen and kids tournaments, which is … you know … always a good thing. 🙂

    So next time you’re hanging around your house in the evening, pull up your walker and stretch your brain with a little answer and question time.

    2 thoughts on “Friday Favorite – Jeopardy

    1. I actually have my DVR set to record it every evening (even though I’m usually home—I HATE commercials and prefer to fast-forward through them). I haven’t been watching the teen tournament, though. No time this week! And they always have some pop-culture categories that make me feel like an old lady because I can’t answer any of them.

      I always like it during regular Jeopardy whenever I get an answer right and none of the contestants know it. Then I feel purttee smart.

    2. daddio pooh paw

      I watched the conclusion of the teen tournament today. The young girl who won had a huge knowledge base. $75,000 isn’t a bad payday for three days of work. I admit, I didn’t know the final jeopardy quote from FDR.


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