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  • Friday Favorite – Less Than Perfect

    So a couple months ago Katie and Stephanie informed me that there was a show I just had to watch. It stars Zachary Levi (of Chuck fame). Being a fan of Mr. Levi, I decided I’d give it a try. Trouble is, it’s not available on dvd. But then they informed me that Lifetime is airing reruns of the show.

    Thus Less Than Perfect entered my life. With a little help from my dvr, I’ve made it through the first three seasons, and sure enough, it’s a hoot!


    Less Than Perfect stars Sara Rue as Claude Casey, a young temp at GNB, who ends up getting the prime spot as the assistant to Will Butler (played by Eric Roberts, who is actually Julia Roberts’ brother. Who knew?). Will is the on-air talent of the tv station, and everyone wants the job that he offers to Claude.

    Claude shares an office with Kipp, our insatiable Mr. Levi, who is an absolute hoot! He’s so funny as the snobby guyzachary-levi-2 who’ll do anything to get ahead. Kipp’s best friend in the office is Lydia (Andrea Parker from The Pretender), who wants to marry rich and will do anything to be rich. Add in goofy characters played by Sherri Shepherd and Andy Dick, and it’s a free-for-all laugh-fest.

    I think my favorite part of the show is the witty one-liners that Claude and Kipp offer. For example:
    Kipp: Hurry! Quick, quick, quick quick, quick!
    Lydia: Are they coming?
    Kipp: No, it’s just really creepy down here. Somebody brought a lunch from home! 


    Lydia: Your scent is supposed to linger, not change global weather patterns. 

    Just so funny! If you’re up at 7am and looking for something to watch, I definitely recommend Less Than Perfect.

    Thanking Lifetime for airing such a great show until next time. -LJ

    One thought on “Friday Favorite – Less Than Perfect

    1. Ooohhh, I agree with your taste…Less Than Perfect, Zach Levi, Brandon Heath, etc.


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