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  • Friday Favorite – Mark Smeby’s This World Is Not My Home

    Hey, guys!

    Last week, I introduced you to my new friend Mark Smeby. Mark was out of town this week, filming a new movie called 1 Message, for which he plays the “romantic lead”. Looking forward to checking that out whenever it’s ready. But for now, I thought I’d share Mark’s tune, This World Is Not My Home. Just click on the link below to open a new window that should play the song for you.

    Mark Smeby – This World Is Not My Home

    Hope you enjoy it, and check out his new album Pilgirm Man, out September 14th.

    The song from Mark that keeps playing in my head, is actually the Christmas one, Emmanuel (You Are With Me). I swear, every time I hear it on my itunes, I end up singing it for hours. (Too bad I don’t have a voice like Mark.) šŸ™‚ So here’s that music video.


    Hope you’ve enjoyed this musical edition of Friday Favorite. Thanks for sharing your music with all of us, Mark! (And alsoĀ thanks to MarkĀ for telling me how to post audio. Watch out for crazy audio clips from LJ, coming soon!)

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