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  • Friday Favorite – The Unexpected

    I love being home and visiting my family in Arizona, and one of my favorite parts is that you never know what the little girls are going to do.

    Earlier this week, I walked over to see my sister and her family. They live just a couple houses down from my parents. I get there, step inside and kick off my shoes. I set my purse down next to my shoes and wandered off to talk to my sister and her husband and my oldest niece. We were laughing and chatting, when all of a sudden, my sister asked, “Where’s Rachel?”

    We ducked our head around looking for her, and there, right by the front door, we saw this scene:


    Yes, that’s my purse. Yes, that’s everything that was inside my purse, now out on the floor. ๐Ÿ™‚ She’d even opened up my wallet and had my debit card waving in the breeze. (FYI, that pink microphone–not mine. Rachel brough that to the party.)

    Back in Colorado I don’t have to worry about Amy taking my purse and dumping out all of its contents on the floor. I forget the little girls do things a little differently.ย And it’s a hoot!

    Sure missing the wee ones when I’m not in AZ until next time. -LJ

    3 thoughts on “Friday Favorite – The Unexpected

    1. Amy

      hmmm…maybe i should be taking notes! ๐Ÿ™‚ btw, i finished your book today and i really liked it! i’m looking forward to seeing you tomorrow. i’ve got your birthday present all ready to go. hope you had a good day!

    2. HAHA love it! Audrey does this too – loves emptying bags and purses and diaper totes and anything else. Her favorite right now is “off” or “out”. Taking things off shelves or out of boxes, etc. It’s a mess but fun. She is learning so much! And it’s okay, Liz – we won’t judge you for carrying a pink mic in your purse. You always need to be ready for that one random, beautiful karaoke moment =)

    3. daddio pooh paw

      Lesson to be learned: little girls have insatiable curiosity. Keep only public items in your over-sized bag. Did I notice Rachel and Julia with head tilts in this picture?


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