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  • I’ve Got A Shoe Riding Shotgun

    I generally like driving. It’s not going to make a Friday Favorite or anything, but it’s not bad. But yesterday morning I thought driving was going to make me die!

    I was wearing my brand new shoes. The ones that made an appearance in yesterday’s blog and looked quite unique with my work out clothes. But I was wearing my new shoes with appropriately professional attire yesterday morning, so that wasn’t the problem. Apparently my problem is that when I drive, I turn my foot slightly, just enough so that my new shoes tried to squish my pinky toe clean off. Seriously. All the way off.

    I made it to Powers and Research–about half way to work and couldn’t take it any more. I reach down and ripped off my shoe, chucking it into the passenger seat.

    But then the really strange thing happened. I looked over at it, and it was just sitting there all perfect and new and begging to never be worn again. It was like it was asking to always get to ride shotgun, like it was some sort of car mascot.

    The really weird part is that I seriously considered leaving it there, perched on the seat. But then I would have had to go into work with only one shoe on. Hmmm. That was bound to look silly. So I put the shoe back on to walk into the office. No problem. Not overly painful. Maybe the early part of the day had been a fluke. When I headed to Subway for lunch, I thought I’d try driving with said shoe on again. Well, that didn’t work. I couldn’t even make it out of the parking lot without tossing it again in the seat next to me. Same thing when I left work for the day.

    The truth is the shoes need to be broken in a little more, but I like them. They’re cute. So I’ll keep wearing them.

    But I’m afraid as long as I’m wearing them the right shoe is always going to ride shotgun. Driving with a bare foot until next time. -LJ

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