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  • Crest White Strips or Nothing!

    Do you ever have one of those days where you feel so completely terrible that all you can manage to do is lay in bed curled up into the fetal position. I had one of those days on Monday. My tummy was tied in knots, and I just wanted to sleep, but I was in too much pain to actually fall asleep.

    Needless to say, it wasn’t a great start to the day. But as the hours passed, I managed to make it to the couch with my pillow and snuggled under a blanket. By three o’clock I was uncurled enough to enjoy sipping a diet soda and watching a little tv on dvd. I still hadn’t managed a shower or even bothered to change out of my pajamas, so I was starting to notice that I was a little greasy and maybe not-so-daisy-fresh.

    I was totally reminding myself of that scene in She’s the Man where Amanda Bynes can’t shower for days because she’s pretending to be her brother. She tells her friend on the phone, “I’m convulsing  people!” It’s a good thing the roommates were both out of the house at the time. 🙂

    Before I get back into this story, I think I should explain a little something about my current state of mind. Several weeks ago I found out that my boss’s boss’s boss’s boss (or something like that) is coming in from New York next week. As such, my department was instructed that we need to ditch the business casual dress for the week and ramp it up to business professional. So I’ve been picking up a new jacket here, a new top there, fun new shoes everywhere (a pair of which I’m currently wearing with my work out clothes–Leslie questioned my fashion choice, but I stood behind it so I can get the new shoes broken in). I decided this was a good time to work on looking the part of a professional publicist more often–rather than, per se the college student that I haven’t been in 6 years.

    As part of my personal mini-maker, I picked up some Crest White Strips to ramp up my smile. *insert cheesy grin here* I’ve been diligently using them for only about 5 days, but I think I’m alreayd seeing a whiter smile.

    Okay, so back to Monday. There I was practically convulsing myself when I decided it was about time to put on my white strips. I couldn’t manage to get clean and put on fresh clothes, but my teeth were going to be whiter, dag nabbit!

    Apparently I decided it would be the strips and nothing else on Monday.

    Fortunately I’m feeling much better today and actually got clean today before putting on the white strips. 🙂 I know everyone appreciates that. Getting whiter until next time. -LJ

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