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  • Monday Movie – Emma

    What is it about Jane Austen’s stories that make nearly every girl I know giddy as a schoolgirl? Is it the strong emma-coverheroines? Or the gorgeous dresses? Or the beyond belief heroes?

    My money is on the hero.

    Especially in the brand new PBS Masterpiece Theater production of Jane Austen’s Emma.

    Some might say that Austen’s Emma is her least likeable heroine. A headstrong matchmaker who can’t seem to pull her nose out of everyone else’s lovelives, Emma Woodhouse (masterfully played by Romola Garai) is matched in her wit and poise only by Mr. Knightley (handsome as ever Johnny Lee Miller). Sixteen years Emma’s senior, Knightley is a lifetime friend of the family, whose brother is married to Emma’s sister.

    The worst scene in the 4-hour miniseries is also the most powerful as Knightley chides Emma for her cruel tongue toward a fellow picinic goer, a poor spinster. Though it breaks my heart no matter what rendition of the movie I see, it shows more than anything else that Knightley loves her.

    Oh, to have a man of integrity, character, and humor. Perhaps that’s why Ms. Austen’s heroes are so appealing.

    emma-1Now available on dvd, don’t miss out on the newest addition to the library of Austen classics.

    As for me, Katie, Steph, and Amy, we had a great time watching this on Saturday afternoon. Even though it included dodging the relentless rays of the sun coming through the windows above the television, which turned into finding creative seating in the living room.

    So while the movie was fantastic and the company lovely, the best part of the day was the Pioneer Woman Queso Dip provided by Steph. A-MAZING!

    Wishing you all the Austen you can handle until next time.

    2 thoughts on “Monday Movie – Emma

    1. I watched this when it aired on PBS. Loved it.

      I needed an Austen fix this weekend too – watched Pride and Prejudice on Saturday night. As much as I love other movies, I always go back to Austen.

    2. Loved this when it aired on PBS. Definitely one to go next to my copy of A&E’s Pride and Prejudice!


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