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  • Friday Favorite – Sienna Commercials

    When my sister told me she and her husband were thinking about getting a minivan, I had a good chuckle. My trendy sister and fire-fighter/weight-lifter brother-in-law driving around in a minivan. It doesn’t exactly fit in my mind … but well … with another baby on the way necessitating a third car seat, Hannah says there just isn’t enough room in their little SUV for all the kids. Hence the minivan.

    I suggested one with wood paneling. Hannah said probably not. Apparently that’s not “cool” enough for them.

    In light of Hannah and John’s new purchase, I thought I’d share my absolute favorite new commercials: the family with the Toyota Sienna.

    I hope you enjoy these as much as I do.

    I hope Hannah and John’s new ride matches their awesomeness!

    One thought on “Friday Favorite – Sienna Commercials

    1. I LOVE these videos! I forgot how funny this couple is 🙂 I’ll probably be posting this on my blog! Thanks for the laugh.


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