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  • Monday Movie – Post Grad, among others

    Over the Labor Day weekend I decided I was going to see 3 movies. I’d been eagerly awaiting two of them, so I was thrilled to have time over the long weekend to finally watch the movies I wanted to see. Plus I had some movie passes from my birthday, so 2 of them were paid for. By Friday afternoon I had my plan in place: A matinee after work on Friday, one after church and a pedicure on Sunday, and finally a noon-time showing (the super-cheap one) with Amy on Monday. I was stoked!

    Until I saw the movies.

    Friday, I decided to watch Gamer. I love Gerard Butler (as we all know), and a good action flick, so I coudn’t wait to see this movie. Problem is, this is not a good flick. While the plot was interesting and posed some thought-provoking questions about the lure of power, it wasn’t enough to make up for the gruesome violence, profuse swearing, and all around depravity (I think finally used this word right, dad!). I was so bummed.

    So I went into Sunday with higher hopes for All About Steve. I generally enjoy Sandra Bullock (as evidenced by my thoughts on The Proposal), and I love a good romantic comedy. But what I discovered was not much comedy and even less romance. Ugh! What’s a girl to do?

    85772_A_1Sht_R3:1 SHEET MASTER (CTP READY)Monday was my last chance. My final hope, if you will, to redeem my movie-going weekend. And then … there was Post Grad, staring Alexis Bledel, a favorite from Gilmore Girls. Amy and I had been talking about seeing this flick for weeks, but our schedules just weren’t lining up. Finally the planets aligned–or more acurately, Amy and I set up things in advance–and we got to see this cute story about a college grad who wants to work in publishing (I totally understand) but is thwarted by her class’s valedictorian at every turn.

    While definitely not a perfect movie–it’s rated PG-13 for several good reasons–it’s a really cute story about family and the importance of sticking together and being there for each other. Several times I found myself laughing hysterically. Then Amy would laugh, and I would laugh again because she was laughing. Back and forth we’d go, and it was just so funny.

    But I loved the lesson at the end–that it’s not so much about what you’re doing as who you’re doing it with. Family is important, and so is finding the right guy. 🙂

    So my Labor Day weekend movie marathon wasn’t a total bust, but it turned out that the movie I was least excited about was really the best. Wondering what that really says about my movie watching habits until next time. -LJ

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